Question headset not working on dell poweredge t30

Aug 29, 2020
I literally cant find a way to get my headset to work. I try to plug in my headset with the splitter cable in the back and all i hear is static, speaker inst recognized and mic is recognized but cant talk. when i plug it in the front nothing is recognized. The only way i can hear right now is by using my monitor speakers. my speakers have a audio out port where i can plug in my headset. SO far thats the bypass i found to wearing my headset although my mic doesn't work. In the driver section I can't find the realtek high defenition audio driver. I have uninstalled and restarted the sound driver. here is a pic from device manager.


Thank you for any help. My pc is dell poweredge t30. I know this is a pc problem and not my headset because i can plug in my headset with splitter cable in my sisters pc and it works perfectly fine.

here is a pic of the backside of the pc: and here is the front side of the pc:
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