Question Headset with microphone doesn't work on desktop computer

Apr 7, 2020
I just bought a new Lenovo PC ,but i have a problem in the audio,
whenever i plug in my headset (Containing a microphone) into
the audio port which contains a headset icon,the microphone
in the headset is not recognized,i can tell that the headset is
recognized because of the sound that comes from it ,but whenever
i look at the mic settings it says that there is no microphone plugged in
,the headset is working well because i tried it in another laptop
and worked fine.

EDIT:i also noticed that there is no popup when i plug in my headset

My specs:

PC:Lenovo 10K25L
Graphiccs card:NVIDIA GT 740
Processor : Intel Corei5 8th Gen
Random access memory(RAM):12gb
Storage:1tb and an external ssd 120gb
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