Headset with surround and Stereo Speakers - Problem


Jan 10, 2008
I'v got a problem with my sound system.

i got a Roccat Kave headset with surround sound, which is cool and all, but sometimes I'd like to use my stereo speakers if I have guests or something. The problem is that while the front panel overrights the rear speakers, it doesn't overright the right of the headsets inputs, like subwoofer og rear pair. This leads to sound coming from the speakers, but also some of the sound, and some situations all of the sound, from the additinal outputs in the headset.

How do I setup it up, so that when the front is plugged in, all the headset functions stop, and the system switches from 5.1 surround to stereo?

I have the Nforce 780i motherboard, and realtek sound drivers
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