Solved! Hear desktop mic thru' bluetooth headset


Jan 9, 2017
Can anyone help please?

I use a Bluetooth headset for gaming and I want to hear my desktop mic thru' this headset. The headset has earbuds that eliminate outside sounds very effectively, so my own voice is VERY muffled to me as I only hear it inside my head, not thru' the earbuds - and this is quite off-putting.

I can hear the game, Skype, You Tube etc thru the headset with no problem, but I can't hear the desktop mic. The mic is working OK - I can be heard fine via that mic in a Skype call.

The headset also has a mic and I managed to get that mic in to appear in my headset, but doing it that way introduced a very significant delay in my own voice appearing in my ears - and this made it unusable. (My desktop mic sounds far better anyway, so that's the one I want to use.)

Using Realtek HD Audio manager
Desktop Mic is via a jack socket, not USB
In Skype, Speakers are set to default to the earbuds, and the mic is set to Realtek
If I switch off the B/tooth headset, the wired headphones become active - so I can continue with a Skype call (& I hear my desktop mic OK thru' these).

Any ideas on how I can get the desktop mic to be audible in the earbuds (without a delay)?


Nov 10, 2016
I am a bit rusty on this but I had something similar when using a headset which uses a pair of 3.5mm audio jacks for sound and microphone.

In the sound card drivers (Integrated RealTek on the motherboard, called RealTek HD Audio Manager) I found an option in the mic settings to increase the 'Playback volume'. The playback volume is done via the sound card and allows you to hear the microphone with no lag.

Windows does have an option in the sound configurations called 'Listen to this device', but this is laggy and probably what you have found.

EDIT: Find the playback volume in the drivers by clicking the icon for the microphone you wish to use, then below it (near top right), you can click the button and this gives you a volume slider bar.


Jan 9, 2017
Thanks for coming back on this DH.
Yep, with the wired headphones I have no issue at all (as you've mentioned). It's only when I want to hear the desktop mic thru' my Bluetooth earbuds that it fails. I've tried just about every combination I can think of in the RHDA Manager (inc the volume sliders), but still no mic sound in the B/tooth buds.... (with the wired headphone & desktop mic, everything works as desired).
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