Heartbleed Used by Identity Thieves in Phishing Scam

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Mar 25, 2013
Most people are just looking for the technical jargon, they don't understand nor care what SSL is or means, the read it, assume it's above their heads, and stop thinking from there and trust the "experts"(phishers).

It is truly a horrible time for these sorts of scams. How can the technically illiterate hope to navigate the internet, check their email, or download apps while being uncomfortable with this sort of stuff? What is obvious to most of us geeks is eye boggling to the rest.... Try explaining to someone what download button is the "right" download button on some of the sites you might end up on out there.

I don't really think they're suckers... They're just not interested enough to put in the time to understand the technology, but still require it in their lives to stay in touch with loved ones, stay up on current affairs, ect. It's definitely saddening, though.
Not open for further replies.