Heating issue with my Dell L502x

Syed Syed

May 9, 2015
I am tired with my laptop now..
I had a problem which was asked by me in the following link :

I got a Windows 10 update and since then my laptop is working quick.

But now the laptop throws hot air from the left side maybe the fan. And the table becomes hot too

I had bought a new battery few months back but not sure whether it's happening after that because I didn't notice much.

And my laptop is very heavy to carry here and there..
Is it time to get a new laptop.

I loved this laptop 8gb ram, jbl speakers, 2gb graphics. But so many issues as days are passing. By. I had bought this way back in 2011.

Please suggest me a solution or if there's a THE END for this laptop then should I get a new one?

Please help

Thanks again.

Here are some troubleshooting steps and guides that may help in solving the issue.
- Start by testing your laptop without its new battery and just connect it with its charger and see if the heating issue will persist.
- Next is to completely open your laptop, remove all the dust off the fans and apply new thermal paste on both the GPU and CPU.
- Also do install all the updates available plus the latest BIOS there is for your laptop.
- Lastly, you can reinstall Windows itself to test weather its a hardware or software issue.

Hopefully this troubleshooting guides will help. :)