Heating problems on lenovo B580


Jul 7, 2009
Hi all of you,
I am eager to know something more about heating problems in laptops and notebooks .
This because I recently bought an lenovo B580 laptop with i5 i321m processor and it is seems heating.
I sensed this heating then and I installed lm_sensors (on it Linux Mint operating system) .
Then I can read a temperature of 47 degree celsius that raised at 53 degree celsius just navigating on internet an runing some simple linux comands.
I would like to run Oracle Linux Enterprise 5 , Virtual Box on it and a VM from Oracle with bussines inteligence software inside it - so a much more load.
I would like to know is someone else meet this kind of problems and what can be done in such situatios.
Coolers don't help in such situations? When they are started ? Maybe a cooler must be added
Plese give me more details about this,
Many thnks


Jan 12, 2012
The Lenove B580 does run hot under load so there is not much you can do other than buy a cooler. I am not sure about what cooler it uses but I think it is one of the quietest cooler I have ever encountered. I think 47 Celsius is not alarming at all and the Temps will only go up as the work load increases. You should also take your room temps into account when looking at the PC Temps as the cooler the Room Temps, the less hot the PC will run.

Laptops are generally HOT no matter what you do, due to the limited space and airflow inside the casing so once again, an external cooler will be your best bet.

I will strongly advice making sure your current environment is not dusty, regularly clean the PC with a can of compressed air to keep any dirt out, make sure your room temperatures are not too hot, and invest in an external cooler.

Hopefully this helps and let me know how you get on.