Help a sista out, guys! ALIENWARE M15X


Dec 26, 2015
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Hi guys,, yes....I'm a chic...but I DO have SOME level of knowledge and I have some simple questions that I'm getting conflicting answers on. 
They're not comolicated, but I need straight, relatively definitive answers.
I bought my 9 year old a used Alienware m15x laptop for Christmas. Yes, I realize it's a dinosaur brick...however, he's 9-he digs the lights-and HE thinks it's from the year 2050.
It was only 150 bucks, was told it was a fair deal but I would need to upgrade graphics card.
So, right now, it has the 8750 GTX card (I believe), and everytime we tried to run Roblox or Minecraft,it said I needed to update my video drivers.
I tried. For like...3 ridiculous hours.
Fail. Then ended up getting them to install finally, and once they were updated, I deleted the old ones which-of course-caused me to have to get into bios to make the screen come on, as something didn't go right...shocker.

Anywah, long story short...I have a kid that wants to play roblox, minecraft and Gary mod (or something like that, on Steam)...
I néed to buy any other graphics card, but when I started shopping, I quickly found there are 8 million, and they are EXPENSIVE.
so, my question:
WHICH card should I buy, that's not a HUGE major modification, but will run those games?
What about the 610? Will that one work?
Can anyone suggest a car for under 100 bucks that will enable his playing needs?
I WOULD SINCERELY APPRECIATE IT, I'm OVER it after 6 hours yesterday!!


You have an Alienware laptop. You can't change the GPU in that.

This was a used system? If so, your first move should be a full reinstall of the OS. For your protection as well as the previous owner.

So basically, you wipe and reinstall everything, including all the drivers.
Ideally, you go find these (at before you start this process. Save those to a USB stick.


I have an Alienware M15X (on it right now) and it does, indeed, have a MXM "upgrade-able" GPU. But it needs to be one the system will work with.

The existing GTX should suffice, however, if the current drivers are installed. What version of Windows is this rig running?