Help appreciated: repeated hard drive failure on Inspiron 6000


Jul 3, 2007
Hello all,

Starting around last week, after using the systems for a while and usually when making a hard drive read (hypothetical), the OS gets a fatal error, laptop reboots, and I get the Read failure on internal hard drive.

I have been using my laptop for more than 3.5 years and though always doing computationally intensive work, have never experienced problems as bad as this.

I'm guessing that the hard drive has reached its limit. The first time that this occurred was two weeks ago, when I was installing a windows update, the system reports a fatal error, and I simply restarted a few times and everything returns to normal. Last week however, when I was starting Visual Studio 2005 the boot sector became corrupt it never recovered, and by using the linux and windows setup cds I could see that my partitions are still there, but are listed as empty. And when it happened again today, it recovered by itself again after I left it turned off for a while. However, I'm not a ECE major and not completely knowledgeable about hardware so I wonder if any one could help me find out what's actually going on.

I'm thinking about buying a new hard disk, but since I am not reasonably positive whether this is a hard drive issue I don't want to spend the money not reassured to some degree that is the solution.

Any pointers, suggestions will be appreciated, thanks in advance.


Jun 8, 2009
Run a diags by shutting down your laptop and starting it back again by holding down the "Fn" key and the diagnostic boot will initiate... any error code like 1000-0141, 0142, 0143, 1045, 0146, 0148 will lead in either a HDD issue or a conflict between Optical drive and HDD..... If u need more help check out and search for "Pre Boot System Assessment"


Jul 3, 2007
Thanks sriram_suresh, from 4 months later ^_^. The problem was hardware, the drive was just completely worn out from all the work I did. I installed a new hard drive and now it's running like a charm.
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