Help, Audio problem with Ibiza Bluetooth Speakers

Feb 4, 2019
So I have had my Ibiza speakers for a while, and I generally use them while working in the garage on cars. So 80% of the time when the speakers are working, they work on full blast.

I have them pretty high on my desk and generally keep them plugged into the wall a majority of the time unless I move them outside. But the problem I have now is that the speakers output volume basically is cut by half, It's at max volume but it sounds like its only half way, I tried charging it etc, increasing the volume on my device but no luck.
I opened the speakers but I have never done any repairs on a speaker before so I would like to get some better research on the topic before I start messing with the circuit boards. I was thinking about re-soldering the capacitors, and anything else that might look lose.

Thanks for any help.

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