Help choosing a gaming headset/headphone.


May 27, 2011
SO right now im looking at the astros a40(no mix amp) the hyper x cloud and the superlux 681 evo. What do you guys think, if you have any other recommendations shoot them my way will gladly consider them. Thanks.


Dec 7, 2009
I have not heard anything new on Astro in probably 5 years. And I have never heard anyone talk about them.

Now the HyperX cloud... 13 months ago, I built this system. And I bought the HyperX headset then. The cloud stuff came out after another version of my headset came out. They still look like mine, but I have not actually used the cloud version. But if these cloud ones are as good as mine, you will love them. The mic sounds really good to people I talk to, and the headset fits my big head comfortably. I sometimes spend 4 to 5 hours with the headset on, and it's still comfortable. I probably spend more time listening to music via Amazon Prime Music than gaming, but I do play games generally a couple hours most nights of the week.

I have never even heard of the Superlux, so I cannot help you there.