Help choosing new setup


Jun 2, 2010
So at first I was waiting for the new logitech set that was supposed to be the "new" z5500 but now i see they are complete crap. So i can no longer get the z5500 now either since they are discontinued. The more and more I looked into it I think I'd rather just get a real home theater set instead anyway. The thing is I have no clue about them though. I was looking into the Klipsch HD 500 but I looked on newegg and saw this today . If anyone has any suggestions on a good set or some good seperate pieces for a budget around 1k I'm all ears. If it goes a little over 1k thats fine. They will be used for my computer only. My computer room is fairly small and is soundproofed from the rest of the house. My favorite part of a system is the bass. I love the feeling of being there in an explosion and feel it in my chest it just really immerses me into the game or movie.


Oct 15, 2007
three way speakers are better than two-way speakers.
you dont need to be asking a subwoofer to reproduce gut-wrenching lows AND 100hz at the same time.
if you do ask, expect some distortion because you will be paying more for a higher complexity voice coil that can do both.

it is simpler and cheaper to divide the frequency range as much times as necessary.
sometimes a speaker wont really distort when playing both frequencies.. but one or both of the frequencies wont have as much amplitude.
massive amounts of clarity while doing both is an audiophiles fantasy request.
simply getting the speaker to do both is a consumer level request.

the harmonic distortion goes up when a speaker is trying to carry more than it can.
then the output distorts when the speaker is trying to carry more than it can at an output level that is simply unavailable.
speakers can play louder and cleaner when they are doing much less.
that is why you see subwoofer crossovers stop at the low 40hz

but all woofers in a 3-way system usually play from 40hz - 500hz anyways.
that is the category of a woofer.
you said you like to feel the bass, well that comes from a subwoofer.
lots of people dont keep the crossover low around 40hz because the output isnt much.
they dont realize that it is then when you should be turning up the amplifier for more power.
you'll turn it up a lot more to get a lot more output.
and then you will probably realize that most of the time there is simply more power (watts) than necessary for car audio.

to keep the subwoofer from damage, you gotta keep the voice coil from getting too hot... that is all there is to it for step one.
you can add more watts if the voice coil was cooled by an air conditioner on high.

most people realize that if they have their crossover low and the power up, it is a real pain in the wallet to try and get the rest of the speakers to play just as loud as the subwoofer.
so instead of spending the time and money on the rest of the speakers, they turn the crossover back up to 'get more'

solid audiophile systems used to require the frequency range to be split up into SIX categories.
1. subwoofer
2. woofer
3. midbass
4. midrange
5. tweeter
6. super tweeter

recent technology improvements have helped the super tweeter and tweeter be combined.
the midrange and midbass have been combined
the midbass and the woofer have been combined
the woofer and subwoofer have been combined (premium high end stuff here)

i have always been thankful that the woofer and midbass has been combined.
as i dont like to mix loads of xmax with my vocals.
funny.. i have had some midranges being blown out by larger woofers and the vocals sounded alright.. but the midrange wasnt actually receiving the electricity for the bass.
it was simply the air pressure pushing on the midrange cone.

when these speaker systems claim to offer a flat frequency response... they might actually get the flat frequency response when playing a simple chirp that goes from bass to treble.
but when it comes time to playing lights of high resolution depth, they simply get hot and do a whole lot of nothing.

everybody is trying to compact full functionality into the smallest space they can.
soon we will be having cars that are simply a single chair driving down the road.

you really should focus on seperating the frequency response some more.
it says those speakers stop producing good sound at a staggering 80hz
even the super generic pair of 12 inch three way speakers for $99 can go down to 40hz

two midranges means louder vocals.. not more bass.
just because they call it a woofer does not mean it is a woofer.
it is probably just a hyper active midrange playing some bass frequencies too.
doing a litte more than normal.. and the price tag is going to reflect that.

you will know when a speaker set is setup to be at least a 3-way... because the woofer will be bigger than the rest of the speakers.
gotta have more cone size to push the air for the lower frequencies.

i am so suprised people havent learned ANYTHING from the speakers of the 1990's
all of the sony and pioneer and cerwin vega and even the sound design speakers from the late 1980's
towers allow for bigger cones = bigger cones allow for more spl
sure, towers also allow more speakers = louder
but when you look at the chart and realize that a single speaker is doing more than one number, you are paying more money for the combined functionality.

the exception seems to be the woofer and midbass getting better.
and apparently the tweeter and super tweeter has gotten better, since i see them everywhere nowadays.


Jun 2, 2010
I went over my planned budget but dont we all get the itchy finger? I justified it by figuring I'd use these for a reeeeallly long time anyway. From what I've been putting together so far though:

or I could survive standing these by my desk if they would be better (I know they sacrifice sometimes for smaller speakers)

I'm wondering about the sub though. If it will satisfy my need of feeling like I'm really in a tank in Battlefield.


Oct 15, 2007
well.. i wont say that a 6.5 inch speaker wont play to 45hz
because i have some 6.5 inch 2-ways for my rears that are in a ported box that go down to 40hz
the sound quality isnt any good for the vocals.. they sound like they are subwoofers more than midranges.
the 40hz output also isnt very loud unless i have the amplifier pushing the speakers up to near maximum.

i would like to tell you that i know one of those two front speakers sound better than the other.. but that isnt true.
i would think the speakers are the same and the only difference is the additional 6.5 inch woofer and the bigger box.

again, having some 6.5 inch woofers myself.. that box is certainly big enough to get you 35hz
but if you want them to sound like some subwoofers, you are gonna have to turn the amplifier up to near maximum (if your amp is 100 watts or 125 watts per channel)
but on second thought, that box is really big.. so you would probably only have to turn the amp up halfway to get some boom out of 'em.

you will definitely get more from the two additional 6.5 inch drivers?
yes, you should !
the solo 6.5 inch cabinet says it is 100 watts
and the dual 6.5 inch cabinet says it is 125 watts

i find it hard to believe that these speakers are the same or that they will sound the same based on the watts.

45hz is quite a decent transformation point from woofer to subwoofer.
it is some of the same frequency area that they have used in the past when large paper woofers where common.

the only problem with any transfering from woofer to subwoofer is the output being louder from the subwoofer.
i havent heard these two speakers together, but i would believe they can be level matched since the subwoofer should have a volume dial.
sometimes lowering the 40hz really kills the 30 - 20hz
and nobody wants that.
more reason to have an equalizer.

a huge problem with some of the subwoofers available, there is no bass boost at a low enough frequency.
some boosts are at 40hz .. others at 30hz .. but i have never seen one around 20hz
and when people are buying a subwoofer, it is the 20hz area that really puts a smile on the persons face.. as it makes the frequency response extend deep and low, giving the person a satisfying feeling that the subwoofer they bought is actually doing its job.
many people get embarassed when they bring home a DJ thumping box that does the same thing a 12 inch woofer from a 3-way setup can do.
except they are making the subwoofers louder than those 12 inch woofers in a 3-way box.. and it is making it harder to blend the two speakers together.

you should probably look around for a store within a 50 mile radius to go and listen to both speakers to decide which one fis the bill better.
it might prove to be a real tough choice when/if the single 6.5 inch speaker works harder to be clean and clear.
but, then the dual 6.5 inch speaker can deliver more bass in the upper and lower frequency ranges (and maybe louder vocals too?)

it all gets hard when you try to match some speakers together without an equalizer.
you lower one half and the other half goes down the drain because you cant hear it anymore.
you extend the output of one speaker to help another speaker, and the vocals start to lose their clean sound.

if it were me.. i would probably try to build a custom 'do-it-yourself' speaker set (maybe all five speakers) for the cost of one set of these speakers.
chances are, your speakers would play louder.. but mine would reveal more details.

klipsch isnt really known for their clarity and detail.
their speakers get loud to fill up larger rooms.. and if there is enough air space, then the speaker can sound better from further away.
so it isnt like comparing apples to apples.

i know my midranges sound kinda like cardboard at 4ft away.. but if i sit back about 12 feet , they start to sound cleaner.

as you see the price tag on these speakers, they are ment for the new rich people who have moved into the recently built houses that have the much bigger rooms.
the speakers havent been much of an improvement for the cost of them.
but when people dont know there is much better out there with lesser known name brands, they go with what they know to be available.

i'd say klipsch are a quick escape goat for people who dont find anything better because they are still shopping at the same stores.
but i really cant make a final statement because i havent heard the speakers in a much larger room with room optimizations like time alignment and reverb.
the company might come running at me to yell.. but i would point them to the 'authorized' dealer here in town that didnt have any time alignment or setup to make the speakers show their potential.

if you have ever followed along my guide for soundcard's connected to a receiver.. then you will know that there is a bass boost within the thx setup console that can boost the lower end of the subwoofer when you turn down the volume to match the front speakers.
i believe the newer versions of the thx setup console only go down to 30hz
this is kinda alright.. but the version i have goes all the way down to 10hz
and that means you could use the 21hz for that subwoofer with up to +12dB of boost.
and that would be a step in an optimized direction.
it just sucks that the soundcards dont decode the new surround sound formats yet.
and even then, you cant apply the thx bass boost with a digital connection.
you either gotta find a different piece of software to do it (i looked and failed)
you gotta get a soundcard with high quality digital to analog convertors so you can connect the soundcard with analog connections.

i really am not going to re-build your speaker setup.
i just dont want you to have to lower the volume of the subwoofer to match the front speakers and lose all of the low low end of that precious 21hz
it makes a fun project turn miserable.
kinda like listening to 300 watts of subwoofer with front door speakers being powered by the cd player's amplifier.
20 watts doesnt match well with 300 watts.

it is just like building something with glue.. if you spend all that time to build something really neat, and the glue turns out to be junk.. then the whole thing is going to fall apart and you might not get the chance to do it again because there is glue residue on everything.