Help connecting HiFi (w/ amp) to Active Speakers


Mar 22, 2014
Hi there,

I've seen this question posted multiple times across different forums but can't seem to get a straight answer and I am unwilling to try some things at risk of damaging my equipment.

I want to connect an old HiFi Sony MD515 to my M-Audio BX8 D2's, and I have come across a few issues.

The speakers take a mono cable, for which I convert to phono which is what my preamp takes. The HiFi outputs on speaker wire.

I have seen multiple tutorials about connecting the two connection types, including one where I could split open the phono cable and connect the bare wires (which I hoped I could do). The biggest issue here is whether the HiFi outputs line-level or speaker-level. I know the speakers have a line-level input.

From what I understand it likely outputs speaker-level but in no way have I confirmed this. If this is the case, what is the best way (if any) to convert speaker-level to line-level?

Thanks in advance for your help!
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