Question Help for Doogee S50 pro

Jun 22, 2022
I have a Doogee S50 pro bought last August but a while ago, even though it had 54% battery, it suddenly turned off and will now turn back on. Having purchased it from the Doogee Official store on Ebay, they were very unhelpful but eventually I managed to get a full refund from Ebay themselves.

I took it to a couple of local mobile phone shops who are not familiar with Doogee phones but one looked into the back of it and suggested I needed a new Power Amp, so I bought a 2nd Doogee S50 this time from AliExpress but even after transferring the Power amp from the new one, it still doesn’t come on, so I asked the guy to put whatever he took out of the new phone back into it and started using the new Doogee S50, which worked fine then only after a couple for weeks, it decided it will not let me make/receive calls, SMS etc, so I am now stuck with 2 blinking phones of which neither work.

I am struggling to find anyone here in the UK who repairs Doogee phones, so I wondered if anyone could point me in the right direction please.