Help | Galaxy 3 gets stuck!


Apr 8, 2009
Hello Everybody:

My phone's Specifications:
Android version: 4.1.2
Time: Last August
Location: A well known private store
Operator: Unlocked
Free space: 1.2GB (I know, I already ordered a 32GB card)

After buying it, I immediately noticed several “wrong” things, but since the phone worked just fine, I didn’t pay too much attention:
* The manual was in an east-European language… Czech I think.
* In the booting stage there is an O² logo, which I later understood was a mobile operator in Europe (doesn’t operate in my country).
* There were additional built-in apps related to this company.

In the past few days, the phone has started to freeze with no specific action done prior to that. Only a battery removal helps.

I erased all recently installed applications, but with no effect.
I scanned the device using the free AVG antivirus – Everything is fine according to it.

A friend recommended me to download the “Titanium Backup” application, and replace the ROM. When starting the app a message says: “could not acquire root privileges. This application will *not* work! Please verify your ROM is rooted…”
I never rooted the device (nor I know the meaning of it).

For what this information might worth… at around the same time this problem started, I have been charging my phone on a stack of many live cables… (induction)

Please help me solve this problem, I’m tired of the sudden stuck ups, and the battery removal process...

If anyone could explain the definition and consequences of Rooting I would appreciate it a lot.

Thank you!


Dec 17, 2012
Android is built off of Linux. Now, with Windows you have the administrator account. With Linux, you have the root user.

Having root access means you have the power to access the file system and protected files. When cell phone companies make their phones, they specifically lock you out of root access because they don't want you changing anything. With the power of root you can increase your phones CPU speed to make it run faster, change the system icons, remove apps installed by the company prior to you purchasing the phone, and a bunch of other fun and useful stuff. Having root access also allows you to flash your own ROM's to the device to further customize it or add functionality not originally included in the stock software.

With the definition and a bit of an explanation for you, you should also be aware that if the phone didn't come rooted - rooting it yourself voids your warranty. It is also a very technical (and time consuming) procedure and the slightest mistake could mess your phone up so bad, you'd wish you didn't mess it up so bad.

Rooting itself is legal, as Android is built off Linux, which is an open source operating system. This means anyone who uses it is free to change anything they like. It's simply up to you whether or not you want to take the risk and try to root your phone.


Now, to help with the predicament; have you tried using a cache cleaning application on your phone? Turn it on, go to play store, search for "system cache" and see what comes up. Personally, I use a modded ROM so I'm not sure which apps are the best for this - my ROM allows me to do this within the phones settings menu. Over time your phones cache can fill up with temporary files and thumbnails from web browsing. Deleting them usually improves responsiveness, and thus potentially could solve your problem.

Also, magnets are bad for electronics. By using a pile of wires for induction charging, you are basically turning your phone into an electromagnet. Are you able to post an image of your charging solution?

With the above in mind, it could potentially be a damaged battery due to misuse or over charging. This would result in inconsistent voltage ratings and could explain why the phone stalls, or hangs. If the voltage were to suddenly dip, it wouldn't have enough power to support the CPU and any current processes would come to a halt.
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