[HELP] HP Laptop not booting


Dec 28, 2009
The laptop is a HP Pavilion DV7 3079wm and it was left on for along time on a couch and it became very hot and shut off I attempted to use it, there were lines all over the screen and from then on it would no longer power on, all the leds on the laptop would appear to power on although nothing on the screen and back off within 1-2 seconds when the power is pressed.

I assumed the extreme heat may have damaged the gpu so I purchased a replacement motherboard pff ebay following the "replace with" sticker on the original mobo and it said it was tested working and when I put it in with the original cpu from the other board it came on as it did before and shut off again only this time no longer coming on at all and the LED light where the AC adapter plugs into the laptop was blinking continuously and I could hear this faint ticking sound that was in sync with the led.

The sound sounded as if it was coming from the center of the motherboard but I couldn't tell 100% but again it no longer powered on at all after the initial power up after I installed it. I have now removed the replacement motherboard and replaced the original and it's back to doing what it did before which is all LEDs on when power is pressed then back off after 1 second.

I've made several check to make sure everything was properly seated and connected but everything was in place. I don't know where to go from here, there's no warranty.

If anyone has any ideas at all I've really appreciate it.


Jan 12, 2012
Sorry for the late reply. You should consider replacing the fan, and also make sure you there is enough Thermal Interface Material between the CPU, GPU and heat sink