(Help!) I Need a New Laptop for Entertaining and Productivity Purposes.


Mar 15, 2015
Hey guys, I am looking forward to replace my 3 year old 15 inch laptop with a more portable yet powerful machine, and I was wondering if you guys could give my a hand on my quest to find the perfect laptop.

Background Information about Me:

I am currently a college student, majoring in a engineering program at a community college, but I am currently working on my lower division courses before I transfer. You know, one calculus class, a physics or chemistry class, and a third class that the UC system forces us to take, usually in the liberal arts department which tends to be based mostly on research or essay typing. On my spare type I tend to play video games such as, Skyrim, L4D, BF3 on medium/low settings, and a couple of other similar titles on my desktop computer at home. I also work with 3D content in Auto CAD, or practice programming, as I am planning to double majoring in programming as well.

My Criteria:

1) A Portable laptop (Under 5 pounds).
2) The screen must be less than 14 inches.
3) Back-lit keyboard is a must have.
4) At least 6 hours of battery life per charge, based on my daily use, which is mentioned in the following point.
5) Must be able to handle multitasking:15 tabs open at the same time which tend to be mostly plain text with a few flash content, 1 spreadsheet, at least two PDF documents open at the same time, and 2 to 3 word documents open at the same time on the daily basis. I do not do gaming, Auto CAD, or programming in my current laptop. For those tasks I use my desktop computer at home, which is why I come to you guys in order to bridge the both the productivity and entertaining worlds together with this laptop.
6) Looks: Nothing too flashy (preferably just good old grey, black, white or combination of the tree or two colors mentioned above). I don’t really care about the finish exterior, the type of material, or the quality of the materials used in the chassis of the laptop itself. Multicolor RGB lighting is fine. The logo can be any color or at any location.
7) Track pad & Keyboard: Must be reliable, and must be able to do the job.
8) Screen Resolution: Anything above 1920X1080P with IPS technology.
9) Data Storage: Must have at least 120GB of SSD storage.
10) RAM: 8GB preferably, as multitasking consumes a lot of it in my current laptop.
11) Graphics Solution: Either discrete of integrated, but must be able to handle light gaming, such as the games that I mentioned above in my description.
12) Preferable Brand(s): I am not really a fan boy of any brand, so do not dismiss likes of Apple or Dell. I only care about the criteria mentioned above.
13) Expending limit: $1400 maximum, not including taxes of any kind. Just ignore the taxes and the shipping, and concentrate on that specific limit.
14) Must be able to last me 2.5 years.
15) I will purchase the laptop online, so, please do include any discounts you might have found.
16) Webcam: Do not really care about webcams, so if it does not have one, don’t worry about it.
17) Connectivity: at least 1 USB 3.0 (or newer version), and 1 headphone jack. I do not care if it has extra USB’s, thunderbolt connections, SATA connections, etc… but they are welcomed additions.
So there you have it... I would really appreciate you guy’s responses. Thank You.

P.S. If you need more information, please let me know. Also, I apologize for my grammar, I just moved from Russia to the U.S. a few years ago, and I am sure my punctuation and spelling is not the best.


Mar 15, 2015

I was looking at this computer, but the thing is that it has a 15.4 inch screen, I was looking for one under 14 inches. I was thinking something along the lines of a Lenovo Y40, but with better battery life. I was also looked at the MSI GS30, which has a great CPU in such small enclosure, but the mediocre battery life and the cost was something that I cannot afford. A couple of my friends suggested me to go for the 2015 Macbook Pro, as it falls well under most of my preferences stated above, not bad, but I am sure there must be a laptop better than the 2015 Macbook Pro for the same price. I also looked at the Dell XPS 13 but, the only good features that i could think of was its battery life, and its almost bezel-less screen. I also looked at the Alienware 13 with the new gtx 960m graphics which falls well under my specifications, but there are not a lot of tests that confirm the 6 hours of usage per charge stated in the specifications.



Feb 19, 2015
mostly you have to sacrifice between these one of two things in laptop. if you get one you will not get other,

performance or battery life
powerful but heavy or less powerful but has light weight
more GB of SSD or price

its very tough to choose a laptop which has the all above configuration.