Help! i need to choose a laptop between the two


Dec 1, 2012
asus k45vm or acer v3-471g?

Which one should i choose? both sport the ivy bridge intel core i5 and nvidia GT 630 2gb and 750GB storage, and 4gb ram.. the only difference i noticed was that the asus is equipped with an HM76 chipset while the acer has HM77. according to intel website, HM77 is the high end one, because of raid support and smart response, but if i would just use the laptop for medium gaming, browsing and programming (wcf,wpf,java,.net,python,php) would there be a significant difference? which one should i choose? because it has mostly identical specs, i think it would go down to who has better build? they say acer v3 is a fingerprint magnet, while asus mostly has matte surfaces though both laptops have glossy screens.

what do you guys think? which of these two should i buy?
your inputs would be greatly appreciated! and Thanks in advance!