Help, I recklessly pulled internal SSD while powered on. Now it won't boot!


Jan 16, 2018
OK, so I have Dell E6320, which kept kicking me off the internet, so I turned it upside down and proceeded to take the cover off to change out the WiFi card. On this model, I had to take the hard drive out to remove the bottom cover, and so that's what I did, but I forgot to power down before I pulled the drive out. Now when I try to boot is reads 'No boot device found'. I connected it to another PC via usb to HDD adapter and it shows and will even let me store data on it. I tried running windows 10 repair disk to no avail. Its a 250 GB SSD. I don't care about the data I just want my drive back.

Please, if anyone can help me I will be most grateful!



Sep 13, 2010
Attach it to the other computer and secure erase it, then reload Windows. If you don't have a program that will do a secure erase -- very carefully -- open an elevated command prompt and type:
list disk
select disk n (where n is the SSD and don't select the wrong disk!)
clean all

Then use disk management to reinitialize the SSD.

Try never to do something so silly again though, you may have gotten lucky and not destroyed your laptop this time.
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