Help in cinema 4d


Aug 12, 2013
I'm looking for help in cinema 4d rendering, I've just asked about hardware rendering and some people already told me about m4d, iray, and mental ray. Now... It's really slow in rendering, and I'm working on a 64-bit version. I can't even move my mouse, and the computer keeps jamming a lot. For multitasking, I picked up 16 GB of ram to kill time while I render, but it's not possible with my pc. I'm not sure why cinema 4d does not use hardware rendering, can somebody please explain that for me? And can you please list software that use GPU rendering? My render has some reflections, some global illumination, some glow. And no anti aliasing. The thing that I don't understand is that... I run games with maxed out setting with full aa on my gtx 780, and the newest cards do support these features, so why don't they support the GPU render? Is there something that is preventing them from it? Thank you


Renderers are programmed to use the cpu or gpu or both. Cpus and gpus operate differently so operations are not interchangeable between them. Simply using a gpu renderer is all you need. C4d just comes packaged with only cpu renderers. If they want to package another renderer with it, they have to license it, this means it'll cost more. With many renderers available as add ons, it's not necessary and lowers the cost for people that don't use it.