HELP!!! laptop not powering up, even without battery. Samsung Series 7 Chronos (NP7700Z7C-S01US)

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Oct 14, 2015
Accidentally plugged AC power in backwards. The laptop went black. I disconnected and reconnected the battery and it powered the laptop but laptop wasn't charging. then when battery finally reached zero power the laptop shut down and no power was going to the battery or laptop. Even with the battery removed the AC power is not powering the laptop. I tested the volts on the AC power and it's 19v. Tested the DC jack and it too was 19v. Is the problem with the battery or the motherboard what do you think?

What's the model of your laptop? Just want to check what kind of charger you use with your laptop. First, if the laptop doesn't power up with the AC adapter plugged in and the battery out that could mean it's not getting power either from the AC adapter or something inside the motherboard is fried. One way of finding out is to try another AC adapter same one that you can use to test with your laptop. If not available since you have a tester and you mentioned that it's supplying 19v the problem may lie on your laptop. Do a hard reset first, remove the battery and AC adapter then press and hold the power button for 20 seconds. Connect just the AC adapter and see if the laptop would power on and if not, you may need to contact the manufacturer if it's still under the factory warranty for them to repair it.

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Oct 14, 2015
its a samsung series 7 chronos. I did the hard restart, and nothing. It is out of warranty. I cant afford another laptop of the same quality at the time. It also seems that a new motherboard is costly. If i have to replace it I might as well at least try and fix it. what do i have to lose. Is there a way to find the electric schematics for my laptop so that i can test the different parts on the board?
Im open to any suggestions. was still hoping it was the battery.

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Oct 14, 2015
sorry, guess I should have said that I bought an adapter with additional plug heads, some time ago. the cord became detached, as it does from time to time, and while plugging it back in i did so unaware of plugging it in backwards (positive and negative connectors). It just touched the connection because it cant connect completely because the shape only fits one way. Hope that helps
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