Question HELP! LGTV Optical to RCA Scratchy Audio Quality

May 3, 2020
Good afternoon

I am having issues with a recently purchased LG 55" televisions audio output. I have connected the optical audio output to my amplifier via an RCA converter:

All operates correctly. I am getting an audio connection to my technics amp. However at certain frequencies I am getting an incredibly poor quality audio and scratchy amount of electrical feedback in dialogue. At first I thought it might just be from poor quality dialogue on old movies even with blu-rays but I have experimented with other films and just listening to these films using the televisions internal tv speakers there is zero feedback even with volume set incredibly high.

The amplifier is also used to provide audio from a pc and turntable. The optical converter is currently connected to Aux 1 on the amp and Aux 2 has been used for another aux device connected (my pc) for several years that does not have this issue. So I do not think it is an issue from the amp sound stage or speakers but something before this.

Anyone know what may be happening between the optical output -> converter -> amp -> output from stereo speakers that would be causing this significant scratchy audio quality issue.

All firmware updated and ive consulted everything on the lg tv audio guides. I'm stumped!
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