Help me compare these business laptop brand.


Oct 7, 2015
I am about to buy a laptop for working.
Which brand you guys suggest? Which brand is better quality?

Thinkpad, Asus, Dell or Hp? :ouch:

Update: i am a programmer

( Apple? i know its sexy but its too expensive for me ) :pt1cable:

Thank you.


Aug 28, 2010
Between Superfish and the bootkit thing, I'm personally avoiding Lenovo.
I've had only bad experiences with Asus laptops, though everything else I've owned from Asus has been excellent, and their support is great.
Dell also have great support in my experience. Their laptops tend to have little to no bloatware, and build quality is very good.
HP laptops tend to be good value, but include a lot of bloatware.


Oct 7, 2015

Sorry, i forgot to add what i going to do with my laptop.
I am a programmer and you know what i mean. ;)



The Superfish and Lenovo Service Engine fiasco really only applied to their consumer laptops. Lenovo's business ThinkPad series laptops were not affect by them at all. Overall, ThinkPads are probably the best business laptops you can buy, but it also depends on which ThinkPad series you are looking at as well. The T series followed by the X series ranks at the top in term of ruggedness, performance and portability. The last time I used a ThinkPad was before IBM sold that division to Lenovo; the ThinkPad T40.

While Asus does have a business oriented laptop series, I actually had to go out of my way to find those models a couple of months ago. The Asus laptops you see in most online stores and real stores are consumer oriented or gaming laptops.

Dell's Latitude business oriented laptops are pretty good. I currently use a Dell Latitude 3540 which is the low end business laptop. I bought it refurbished and overall, I really like it. The only issue is now sometimes when I press the "2" key on the number pad it does not register. The Radeon HD 8850m allows me to play games as well.

I never used any HP laptops before; business or consumer oriented. However, their Elitebook business laptop series is generally pretty good from what I have read. A major gripe I have with HP's consumer laptops is the unusually large mouse pad; that thing is the size of an iPhone 6. It is much too large for my taste especially since I tend to rest the palms of my hands on the laptop. I liked the mouse pad on my old ThinkPad T40 since it was small and responsive.
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