Help me Decide my long term laptop

Aug 20, 2018
Okay guys i mostly need my laptop for gaming and engineering program such as autocad & solidwork, etc

Im conflicted with between these specs

I7 8750h, gtx 1050 ti, thunderbolt 3( for future maybe), 8gb ram ddr4, 60hz ips panel -Hp omen 15 2018
I7 7700, gtx1060 6gb, no thunderbolt 3, 8gb ram ddr4, 120hz tn panel- asus rog gl503v

Personally i prefer the gtx1060 mainly for gaming and also the panel (since i play fps mostly csgo and such) but im really afraid that i wont be able to use it for a long time. I prolly want them for atleast 5-6 years
For gaming, the 1060 is better. How long the systems will run is a guess, either of them could die in 3 months or run for years. The system with the 1060 card will run games for longer at higher settings.