HELP me please

Jun 12, 2018
I have also heard you SHOULD have your amps RMS 75%-150% of your woofers and they will be fine. If I take 150% of each woofer RMS it equals 1050 so do you think (if I can even do it) connect the amp as a 1 ohm so each sub pushes 975. Do you think this too much?
I would suggest that using more power than the woofer can handle just makes it more likely to blow the woofer.
Staying under the speaker rating is safer and you don't really give up much because you need to double the power to get a 3db difference in volume. That isn't a lot of volume change and the speaker can't handle it anyway.
The complication is that the power ratings on many speakers and amps are a fantasy. That makes it harder to judge just how much can be handled and how much you are actually producing.