Help me setup new Youtube video tech review channel


Sep 16, 2015
Hello everyone,

I am starting a new Youtube Tech review channel (Indoor recording obviously). I am looking to Buy Video gears but I am a beginner and I have never even used DSLR before. Can anyone help me Buy gears as per Beginner. I don’t want to spend money on gears that I can’t even know to use. So far as per research I want to buy following gears. This is my learning stage.

•Beginner DSLR (That supports external mic, allows connecting android tablet to see live recording in camera see sample here at 02:49

•Budget Tripod

•Softbox kit for lighting (Either a bundle or individual parts I must buy and club them together)

•Lavalier microphone Refer this video

•Camera shat shoots above head see unboxing sample here . Here I see there are three cameras. But I am interested in front facing camera and camera above his head. I wanna know what I can use in budget. Also please share the kit or stand that holds the camera above head.

• Camera Remote

Basic downline is I want to shoot 1080p Full HD Recording with crystal voice record. Please share the more equipment I need here.

I am from India so I have a budget of Rs 40000 i.e. $650

Looking forward to hea from the professionals.



You need a much bigger budget IMO.
You said you wanted a youtube channel so this means shooting video's and a cheap professional grade video camera is $1500, another $1000 for a real good tripod.... you see where this is going.


I'm with popatim on this one, you need a much larger budget for that. You don't need to spend $1500 on a camera, but you'll need at least a 70d for audio capture and you'll want an STM lens to minimize noise (total of ~$1200 before discounts). You can get good enough video tripods (though a bit heavy) for ~200-400, or you can get a video pan head for a regular tripod and use decent weights.

You can ignore the remote for now, just process in post.

You'll need a proper studio setup for unboxing though, a lightbox won't cut it since you will mess up the lighting just being there. That's where you'll lose the most money, at least $1k between lights, clamps, translucent neutral panels, reflectors, etc.
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