Question Help me to find a smart watch which is round.


Oct 24, 2019
Hi! my name is Mariah and I am kind of new here as I do not post a lot. So recently I bought an I phone X and I am a new user of IOS as I always have used android. I thought android is customisable and more fun, you can have so much options and also battery backup is great. Some android phones claim to have even more than 4000 mah of battery. So I have used android for more than 10 years now. The last phone I used as an android device was note 8 and it was very good. I used to use samsung galaxy S3 as my daily smart watch and it was very amazing.

There were many times that I really though about giving IOS a try and every time when I took a look and spend some time with an I phone I felt there is nothing to do with it. It is so basic. Then I finally after listening to many people took this I phone X and now I really love it. There are many less things and functions it true but whatever IOS offers is the best. Even the face ID works at night and I still wonder how. So coming to the main question as I cannot use a samsung smart watch now what should I buy?. I really do not like the apple watch for its shape as I really want to wear something which would look like a genuine watch which my S3 offered me. No one would even notice that I am wearing a smart watch until I do something with the display or touch it to turn on the lights. I know for a women Apple watch suits the best, it has many colours and also has the cutest straps. I am really used to wearing something which is round and is more like a real watch. I do not want to grab any attention as smart watches are nit common at all. I do not want people's attention. I just want to get benefited with all the benefits if a smart watch without letting people know about it. It has to be round.

I have heard about xiaomi. They have a model named amazing bip or something similar to it. Is it good ?. How about the battery life and can we receive calls with the watch?. Please suggest me a smart watch which will allow me to receive and also make calls at the same time. I normally put my phone inside my bag and that is why I wanna do these short tasks with the help of the watch. I also will be wearing wireless headphones so that after receiving the call I can listen to the person. The watch has to be got a very big battery life as I often forget to charge it every night. I also use a wireless charger and it would be so cool if I can charge the watch wirelessly. So there would be no hassle with the wires and all.

So in brief what I need is that, I need everything that an apple watch offers but I want this from a different branded watch which has to be round. I am only posting this on this forum because people here loves technology and are very serious about it. You guys know every little amazing product that are currently in stores now. So it will be amazing if you can find me a watch I need.
Jun 24, 2019
Hello, I have an iPhone 8 plus, and I am using fossil gen 5 smartwatches. It is easy to pair and sync, and I would recommend buying Fossil Gen 5 smartwatch. Fossil Gen 5 has come with a fantastic feature like heart rate, activity tracking, built-in GPS, waterproof, google pay, email, social media, alarm, automatic time zone, calendar, text, call, control music, and etc. This smartwatch has 1GB Ram and 8GB storage. The battery life of this smartwatch is 1 day when all features are on and standard usage 2/3 days. It takes 0 to 80% charging in 1 hour. You would love to hear that it come with Round shape and the case size of this smartwatch is 44mm, and the case thickness is 12mm.
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