Question Help me with my mike cord problem.

Sep 23, 2019
I run kJams Karaoke twice a month at my senior living complex. I have some microphones with three-prong plugs. I connected them with 3' cables to the Karaoke amplifier which had a male (TRS?) plug. One of these cables stopped working, I couldn't find anything wrong with it, but swapping stuff in and out, the problem had to be in that cable. I checked a local music store which did not have the cable I wanted, so ordered a cable from Sweetwater described as "Pro Co 3' XLRF – TRS Cable". This looked like the right thing, but when I tested it, it didn't work. Examining it, I found it was different from my working cble in that it has an insulator in the plug indicating that it is a stereo plug. I wasted $17 because I am ignorant about what to order. Is there any way to get this working? I should have ordered a cable with 3-prong plugs on both ends.
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