Question HELP! My laptop won't turn on!


Mar 19, 2017
Laptop: ASUS TP500L (i7 5500u, GT940M, 4GB RAM)

So today I did a replacement for my CPU and GPU's old thermal paste. I used Grizzly Kryonaut thermal grease and 70% alcohol along with some cloth to rub the old thermal paste out. Then I spread the paste generously on both components, no I didn't touch the GPU neither the CPU directly with my fingers which eliminates the reason for killing my CPU by static charge. All went well and I put everything back on except that I forgot to plug in my laptop's battery ribbon wire. I realized this because I pressed the power button multiple times. So I took out the back cover of my laptop once again to connect the ribbon wire and pressed the power button. The indicator light turned on but the display didn't. I started worrying and so I plugged in my AC adapter which then shows the charging light indicator. The screen still didn't show anything. For some reason when I hold the power button the charging light would turn off and the light indicator will light up and when I stopped holding the power button the reverse happens (Charging off light indicator off). I removed the AC adapter from my laptop and for some reason it still shows that my laptop is charging. I kinda knew how to fix this because I watched some videos of it. Basically I removed the ribbon wire of my battery once again and held the power button for 30+ seconds. Plugged the adapter back in and it showed that it's charging, turned on my laptop (without the battery) just for it to die after a while. So I connected the battery back in along with the adapter and my laptop finally booted. The windows 10 lockscreen showed up but as soon as I was going to type in my password I got a blue screen that said VIDEO_DXGKRNL_FATAL_ERROR. It shows some percentage before it tried to "restart". Unfortunately it didn't restart and now the laptop won't turn on AT ALL. No charging or indicator light, absolutely nothing. I found a video saying that I should remove the battery and wait tomorrow before plugging it back in. So I wrote this while waiting for "tomorrow" in case it will not work. This kind of happened to me back then because my laptop was water damaged years ago and I did the waiting thing and it worked. Please I need all the help I can get :(
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