HELP! My Smart TV is infected!


Dec 7, 2015
Here's my story.

My laptop died and I was forced to do a presentation on a client's Laptop. Thats where my thumb drive got infected. After meeting the client, i went straight home and i totally forgot to clean/check my thumb drive. I plugged the thumb drive on my Samsung TV which caused it to be infected.

According to my kaspersky the culprit is a tojan win32.waldek.acl. So every time i plug a thumb drive on my samsung tv, and plug it to a PC or laptop it detects the said trojan. THe trojan creates a short cut and hides all the contents of the drive.

So my question is, i could always clean the thumb drive but is there any way to disinfect the Smart TV?

Saga Lout

Olde English
What happens to the television when you fire it up without the thumb drive plugged in? If that drive wasn't too expensve, I suggest throwing it away. If it's in a system long enough to bring up the Kaspersky, it could have done some damage,


Dec 7, 2015
Nothing happens to the TV. But now, everytime i plug any thumb drive, or my portable external drives it gets infected with the tojan win32.waldek.acl and i have to clean it through a computer.

THe TV is now the host of the trojan and any drive it gets into contact gets infected.
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