Help my5.1 channel does not have clear sounds


Oct 23, 2012
Guys I need your help. I bought speaker 5.1 channel and I am using win 7-64 is there is no SPDIF port in my speaker.However, when I play music or video I can hear the sound come form all my speaker well but, I cant hear the talk or I mean what ever they talk in the movie or music. Just the sound is good it is like there is something hold the sound. I am sorry I do not know can I explain this well. I have a Dobly home theater 4 I feel its make this problem because when I turn it off I can hear the sound only from R and L but so clear ( so when it is off no 5.1 work only R and F not other speaker).I will post pic for my pc and the speaker so you can tell me what should i do.

Now this is my Speaker from Acoustic AA 5102
This is my PC, I am using gig 990fxa-ud5 and it is supporting 5.1 , Realtel ALC889

Sorry my English is not good , I hope I make it clear.
This is how I connect them

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