Help needed for gaming headset: stereo or surround?

Pieter Van Oeckel

Dec 19, 2016
Hello guys, i am looking to buy a gaming headset but i dont know what to buy. Ive read on the internet that on either hand surround sound is great for hearing the positions of players or targets but on the other hand ive heard that they sound awfull and you would better buy a good pair of stereo headsets and a external mic. But why do a lot of people say that you should better take stereo and whats the advantage over surround headsets. Also what does 7.1 means in a gaming headset and when (and why) should you need a soundcard?

My options for now were:
Logitech G933
Creative Sound BlasterX H7
Kingston HyperX Cloud Revolver S
Sennheiser GSP 350

Let me know what you think about it cuz i realy need advice on this one.

Thx in advance.


How about the best of both worlds. :D

I highly suggest you DON'T get a USB headset for reasons like you said, they don't offer as great a sound as a midrange/high end sound card.

So go ahead and buy a non USB headset (doesn't really have to be a gaming one either, as long as it's a headset).

Then go ahead and use Razer's Surround software on their website for free. I have been using their Razer Surround Pro software for over 3 years now (got it free 4-5 years ago for a limited time, now it's I believe $15.99 or something like that) and the surround sound is just as good as my older Logitech G430 headset.

All the Pro version adds is an equalizer and a couple extra features that you won't probably need.
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