Question Help needed pls - connecting Sony Soundbar to Hisense TV

Jan 28, 2021
Hi, I’ve read through the various help guides relating to connecting a Sony soundbar to a Hisense TV. I’ve connected the HDMI cable from the soundbar to the HDMI 2 input (ARC) on the TV.
In sound settings on the TV I have selected the audio output as ARC.
In the system settings I have gone to HDMI and CEC functions and I can see the soundbar within the CEC Device Lists as HDMI2 HT-G700 and when I select it it brings up the menu of Standby or Start but when I scroll down to select Start nothing seems to register or happen and I’m left in the standby mode?
I am left with picture but no sound through the soundbar at all?

any assistance would be appreciated
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