Question Help! No Sound at all from my Yamaha RX-V679 Receiver

Feb 9, 2019
Hello everyone, I have had a Yamaha RX-V679 receiver for about a year and a half. I bought it knowing I would use it in a sports bar/man cave set up one day. For the last 18 months I had only been using the Zone 2 function for some ceiling mounted kitchen speakers. Everything was great!

Fast forward to this week, man cave setup in the basement is almost done. I bought speakers for a 5.1 surround setup. Unfortunately, no sound is coming out at all! I have swapped inputs, tried connecting the front speakers to Zone 2 (which I knew had always worked), tried streaming Spotify from the MusicCast app...unfortunately, nothing will produce sound from the speakers. I even ran the kitchen speakers down to the basement (because I know they work...just in case, in the incredibly random chance all 5 new speakers were somehow faulty).

Any thoughts on what could be wrong or how to fix it?
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