Help on a gaming micrphone/headset?


Jun 13, 2010
I dont think this is the right section for this to go so bare with me please...

Im looking for a high quality gaming microphone headset. At the moment i do have one but it has taking a beating after a couple of months due to flimsyness. ( is that a word)

I mean i got for 20$ i cant really expect to much from it im just looking for good playback quality, comfort, and a clear sound for one i talk. What i mean by that is i dont want it to sound like a walky talky and be all static like. I want it to be clear as possible, close enough to real life as if your standing in front of me talking.

Could anyone throw out a few goof microphones out there for me to look at? I was looking at the Creative Labs Fatal1ty Gaming Headset and also a little into Razer products such as Razer Carcharias. Those are the only 2 companies i know. I mean i like the razer but my main concern is about the durbility of the 2 headsets. I just want good play back good sound quality for when i talk so it sounds close to crystal clear as much as it can and comfort.

If you dont know of any other head sets which one would you pick? Personally i lean toward the razer. It's hard for me becuase i want to sound clear ( MAIN THING )
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