Help organizing cables

if you have a nice desk... panduit works wonders. just wrap your wires around the back edge of the desk into the panduit and hide all of the slack there.


it also helps if you have room to mount the surge protector the the underside or backside of the furniture. this keeps the wires closer to the panduit meaning there is less wiring that you see. the only wires you will see are any that connect up to the wall (power, main coax going to router)

i have quite a few cables coming out of my various systems on the desk (at least 17-20 different cables) and i have a piece of panduit mounted on the underside of the desk top all the way to the rear against the back edge. i also have two surge protectors mounted under the desk top as well (one on left and one on right since i have too many plugs/odd shaped transformer plug ends).


not bad right?


while panduit may be my solution of choice... there are some other solutions out there.

anti-trip wire covers (if you need to run cables across a room, only supports a few cables)

large diameter cable loom (works but only so well)

home office type cable tray (though much cheaper and flimsier than panduit)



or there are even desks with built in wire management where you can route cables through the frame of the desk with receptacle tops and wire passthroughs on the side and tops. i'd stick with tray and surge protectors though.