Question help! PC audio quality suddenly dropped

Dec 16, 2020
I'm not sure this is the right place to ask, but I'm completely out of ideas.
Last night I was playing a video game and my friends asked me to turn up my mic volume.
I'm on windows 10, so I opened my sound settings and just as it opened my sound quality suddenly dropped. I'm not sure if it was a coincidence or not because I didn't touch anything yet.

And I've tried all the recommended solutions:
Reinstalling my audio drivers
turning off audio enhancements
adjusting my settings
reverting to default settings
turning my pc on and off
restarting my pc
updating my drivers
updating windows
doing a system restore

and so on, all that jazz. I tested my headset (Razer Kraken) on my phone and the audio was perfect so I don't think it's my headset. I use a splitter cable for it on my computer so I can use the mic too, so I tried it without the cable and the quality was still bad. so I'm left to believe it's a software problem.

Now YouTube videos sound alright, but everything else sucks- especially in game sound. I play overwatch for example, and the audio sounds like elevator music. flat, a bit tinny and a bit echo-y and just generally low quality.
I also don't get the surround sound effect I used to.
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