Help picking desktop speakers


Sep 16, 2015
My budget is about $200. I have a small studio and switch from headset to speakers. Here are some options I've found but I'd love some more suggestions...some are from a subreddit called zeos i think. I'm going to put them on the side of the gaming IKEA desk probably if anyone knows it. Maybe some are too big? I guess I'm leaning towards the Bose because it's a dependable brand.

Edifier USA e25 Luna Eclipse (Red) ~$150

ose Companion 20 Multimedia Speaker System $250

Fluance Signature Series HiFi Two-way Bookshelf Surround Sound Speakers for Home Theater and Music Systems ~$200

Harman Kardon Soundsticks III ~$170

ELAC B6 Debut Series 6.5" Bookshelf ~$250
These Edifier speakers will be much better than the ones you link to.
and not bigger than the passive Elac or Fluance.
These may suit you
The Bose are overpriced and underperforming PC speakers. The HK will sound better and look cooler.
The Elac will give you the best sound but require an amp since they are passive. The Fluance will also need an amp. I would take the Elac over the Fluance myself.


Sep 16, 2015

Sorry I'm just learning about speakers. Why do I need an amp? I don't need it to be too space is small.

Oh nice the Kanto are 160 on amazon
Passive speakers like the Elac don't have their own amps built in so you have to get some kind of amplifier. They won't play at all without one.
If you are in a small space and don't need to play loud you can stay at the lowest recommended power in the speaker spec. Elac suggest you need at least 30 watts into 6 ohms.
It may not be in your budget to get the passive speakers plus an amp. Any old stereo or surround receiver would work so maybe you have something you can find to use for free.
Feb 19, 2018
Bose are great. My personal opinion you should take a look at Altec Lansing computer speakers. The sound is amazing especially if you listen to music. I had the old school set 5100 and I never regretted paying them the price is affordable and they work extremely well. I saw a new model recently and I guess mine are run down by technology :). The only time I was excited with audio equipment was listening to Tannoy speakers and Sennheiser headphones.
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