Question Help request regarding setting up a Creative Inspire 5300 Surround System.

Jan 5, 2021
I have recently bought a Creative Inspire 5300 Surround Sound System and I am having trouble marrying it up to my LG TV.
I know that I will probably need something to act as the middle man but the choices are vast and confusing.
Would anyone know exactly which piece of equipment I need, the Inspire does not have HDMI or a Headset jack so that's two routes I can't take?
I do have an optical lead which I think I could use to connect to from the TV and then onto the Inspire but I am clueless as to exactly which adapter I need.
Ideally, it would be great to keep the 5.1 facility but money is very tight right now unless there's a bargain solution.
One thing I managed to solve tonight was this.
For the life of me I could not work out why when I tested the speakers playing a YouTube video, some of the speakers wouldn't work.
Playing an mp3 on Windows Media Player everything worked perfectly, almost, I think one speaker may not have worked but it's late so maybe it does.
Drove me crazy until it clicked that YouTube does not play 5.1 and instead turns out 2.1 so that was one problem solved.
I had this idea regarding my problem but am unsure as to whether it would be a workable solution.
The idea was to move my PC over to my TV and connect it to my TV via HDMI, thinking that I could connect the Inspire to my PC and use that as a kind of piggyback to getting my TV and the Inspire to work happily together. I thought maybe I could go into the TV settings and try to recognise the Inspire as the audio output and save some money.
Could someone tell me if this is a valid proposition, please?
I hope someone can throw some light on my situation, nice to meet you all and have a great 2021.

Regards, Sue
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