Help required please getting bluetooth headphones working on non bluetooth TV


Oct 25, 2016
Hi guys, I bought my partner a pair of bluetooth headphones for his birthday, and because out TV isn't bluetooth, I also bought him a bluetooth transmitter. We got it working okay, but because we only have one output thingy on the TV, when the transmitter is plugged in, even when its off, we can't hear the TV without using the headphones. So does that mean that he has to unplug the transmitter every time he stops using the headphones?

There is also a Toslink output thingy, so if I bought a Toslink cable to fit the transmitter, would that work? I hope you know what I mean, because at 66, I am a bit techno challenged at times!

Thanks for any advice! Ann
It sounds like you have the bluetooth transmitter connected to the headphone out of the TV. Usually when you plug it in it does automatically turn off the internal TV speakers.
The optical audio output may of may not be able to be turned on without turning off the TV speakers. This varies from TV to TV. The TV audio menu or owners manual may let you know how your TV works.
If you use the optical output you need a DAC to convert digital optical to electrical analog audio.
Another solution is to use a bluetooth transmitter that pairs with two devices
Pair the headphones and a bluetooth speaker to it.
Every TV is different, and in this particular case, not even reading the manual gives you hints of exactly how it does it, so you have to test on your own.

Then you probably need local BT volume control, independent from speakers.
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