Help! Samsung NP780Z5E graphics card problem


Mar 9, 2015
I have had trouble with my switchable graphics card- specifically, whenever my Radeon 8770M kicks in, my screen goes to black within a few seconds and I have no option but to shut down and start up again.

The computer works fine on just the HD4000- I determined the above by using the AMD Catalyst Control Center to force the switchable graphics on or off; the problems shows up when I force it on and disappears when it's off.

I've had the computer about 2 years and I have definitely used the switchable graphics many times before so this is a new issue. Has happened in a variety of programs that I've definitely used the Radeon in before. Running Windows 8.1 and have tried all the Radeon drivers- newest, oldest, and quite a few in between that I got from the AMD website. Nothing. Anyone have any ideas? I really don't want to take it to a computer repair place and have them physically tear apart the hardware but I'm running out of ideas.


Seeing as how you've gone through drivers as a possibility, I think you are at that point that service (not necessarily from a repair shop) is going to be needed. It could be a simple overheating issue (graphics can overheat very quickly) for which you can clean the unit (if willing to get inside) or it may be that the solder joints on the graphics card have become weak - that would require services from a shop. To determine if heat is the issue, you can monitor your temps with a program such as Speedfan or Coretemp which are free
I found one video on YouTube for disassembling your laptop and IMO it looks to be very easy to access your fans and vents to clean thoroughly - I'll suggest physically cleaning the laptop (fans and vents), see if performance doesn't improve. I don't think you'd need to remove the heatsink but if you do, thermal compound will need to be replaced.
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