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May 5, 2020
Hi team,

Thought this might be the place to come, as a somewhat more intermediate user of technology this is really my last resort, as I have asked a few friends that are also quite knowledgeable however, however this seems out of my pay range.

So about last year July, I had received a text from a random number, with terrible spelling, saying something along the lines of "If you want your student loans paid off, simply call 1800-000-000", from this moment, my device started to act quite strange - here is a list of the symptoms I have faced.

1.) All devices on this network have become slower, I've gone through 4 laptops, each one having random windows updates, and weird notifications regarding "remoteviewer.exe".

2.) I moved country and connected the "infected" phone to new Wi-Fi nextwork, next thing the network is down (this has happened several times since then), my new phone starts having similar symptoms as the first such as camera randomly engaging, lighting up randomly, calls echo-ish, random noises, slower, battery drains faster, and each time I called a number from that phone, another number from a random VoIP network would call that same number, with no feedback, just silence, then the number would hang up after 5-10 seconds. (I have trialed this and it now has my whole families landline + cellular phone network targeted in this call-forwarding type hack.)

3.) I installed firewalls on my laptop + mobile phone, this seemed to help.

4.) My data would be drained, sometimes using up to 1.5mbs on something unknown.

Among this, just a feeling of helplessness where I know that something is going on, that is completely out of my control..

Any help or recommendations would be appreciated.

So far - I have used several different types of malware/spyware antivirus, well known ones also - I normally would use Avira antivirus.

Scanned my phones, computers etc, and nothing has come up.

One other symptom, was my windows not updating and my antivirus's deactivating, if that makes sense.. Thanks again & looking forward to your replies, any are appreciated.
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