Solved! Help sounds bad

Dec 3, 2018
I have two Audiobahn 12 dual voice coil and a Pioneer 900 watt GM a 5602 amplifier I ran both speakers parallel 4 to 2 ohm the amp Cuts in and out going to protection mode I do it to one speaker and it works fine hook both of them up and it cuts out does anybody have any suggestions also I run them bridged and amp goes in and out I can't turn the gain up more than 1/8 of a turn and they amp goes into protection mode is the amps is junk or is one of the voice coil is blown and my speaker any suggestions anything would help
The amp is protecting itself from your abuse. That's what it does instead of being destroyed,
That amp can handle 4 ohms when it's bridged. If its in stereo it is stable to 2 ohms. That's the way amps normally work.
You can use these formulae to safely connect the woofers
There is no reason you have to use both voice coils of the woofers. That's just a convenient way to connect an amp that receives a stereo input to convert to mono inside the speaker.
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