Help .. strange bluetooth device stereo output , how to connect it to external speakers


Jul 7, 2014
hi ,
so i had dissambled my nokia BH503 , to use it as wireless bluetooth device for my home theater (iball 2.1) ..

so the problem am facing is like , normally there are two channels in stereo , L & R which is so common that both have two ends , one is positive and other is negative ..

so all i want to do is i want to connect the L channel of bluetooth output to L input of stereo and R Channel to R of Stereo.

and issue m having is , m unable to detect negative and postive ends on this BT device Board.
P.S. : i had already tried connecting both negative (as mentioned on board) , but its not working properly (like i am hearing mono channel)

Here is Screen shot of board :

i hope you understood what i'hv asked for and will guide me.

thanks in advance
If the blue/blue-white pair and the orange/orange-white pair went to the speakers in the headphones then you should be able to connect each. Left speaker connections to Left input, etc. if you remember which went to the positive speaker terminal then that is plus for sure. If you get the polarity wrong it will still work but the woofer will retract inward when it should be going outward on a kick drum.
The output may be too high for the input of the HTiB so make sure that the volume is all the way down and bring it up slowly. If it is too high there will be distortion noticeable at all volumes. You can connect a stereo volume pot to reduce the output if needed.
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