Help to Choose A receiver!


May 23, 2014
Please help to choose a better receiver from this list (Price / Value)

Yamaha Rx-V663 - got an option to get a used one for 200 EUR

SONY STR-DH550 - 280 EUR

Pioneer VSX-528-K - 320 EUR

Yamaha RX-V477 - 390 EUR

Currently I use just 5 speakers, and planning to get an active sub-woofer soon.

All models, besides RX-V663 have 4k and 3d support (and I think of getting a 4k TV in the nearest future). But for the meantime can I be better of with a RX-V663 model for a few years and then just switch to something new?
Since there won't be any sound quality difference between these receivers I think you can save some money and get the used Yamaha (unless you want a warranty). If you are planning to get a 4k BD player next year not being able to run the HDMI out to the receiver will make a difference to you. You would be giving up lossless audio.
That receiver does only have 2 HDMI inputs which might get annoying.