Solved! Help with 5.1 config please - Front right speaker too quiet

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Jan 26, 2022
Hi everyone !

I just installed a new 5.1 sound system (Logitech z906) connected with the three 3.5mm jacks to a new soundcard (Sound Blaster Audigy rx) and all seem to work fine except that the front right speaker sound is way lower than the rest.

I ruled out everything from hardware : I switched the speakers, wires, wire connections...It is always the front right position which is too low no matter what I do.
Also when I do the in-built test of the z906 (each speaker does a white noise one by one), all is perfect and the noise coming from the front right speaker is at the same level from the rest, proving that the hardware is not at fault.
As such, it might come from my soundcard or Win10 configuration.
I reinstalled all drivers (got the latest Creative drivers), disabled the realtek drivers, and my sound config is set on 5.1 and the balances are even... I looked for solutions for days but didn't find anything.
Is there something that I'm missing by any chance ?
Thanks by advance !

Problem solved, thanks for nothing guys :)
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