Dec 1, 2014

I have a problem with my HT configuration and dont know how to solve it. I've been reading guides trying to find a possible solution but havent found anything yet that helps me solve this issue. I hope you can help me out, I'll try to explain myself the best I can

I have this HT system:

Wich has these connections:

I have this Sony Smart TV;

Wich has these connections:

I conneced the HT to the smart TV through a TOSlink cable
I have a bluray and PS3/PS4 connected through HDMI to the Smart TV

I configured the TV to use the external audio system

The problem is that when I play a movie in my PS4 for example, only 2 of the speakers have sound,
I checked the configuration on the PS4 and everything seems to be OK, so my question here is if I'm doing something wrong? I've seen the guides on some other forums and all I can see is that most of the HT receivers they use have HDMI IN ports, and mine only has an HDMI OUT port.
Is that somehow affecting me ? And if it is; is there a way to fix that ? I just want to get the full 5.1 output that it's supposed to give my HT system.

I hope I explained myself and what my problems is, and I hope you can help me out!