Dec 20, 2014
Model: panasonic DMP-BD87

Now we could use a 8g thumb drive to play movies on it. However my brother gifted a 3T external hard drive.

It sees some movies, not others, alot of folders on it are no where to be found. However placing the folders inside of the ones it could see let them be visible again but the movies are touch and go. Sometimes they are there, sometimes not, never all of them visible.

All are done in a playable format that I converted them to.

Any ideas how to fix this?


Hi there AreeSoothsayer,

What are the file systems supported by the TV?
What is the file system of the flash drive? What is the file system of the external drive? You can check that out in Disk Management. Some TVs support only Fat32. Your external drive may be formatted in FTFS.
Also, you need to check if the TV has some limitation when it comes to external storage.

Let us know how this goes,
D_Know_WD :)


Sorry for that. :D
Even though it is not a TV, it seems that my guess about external storage limitation was right.
Check this out(page six):
It seems that the player supports USB devices up to 2 TB.

My suggestion would be to contact the manufacturer's Support on that. Maybe the guys over there would be able to help out.

D_Know_WD :)



See if there is updated firmware for the player, it may just not be able to read the hard drive properly. Test it with a few other things, maybe a smaller external hard drive to see what works and what does not.