Help with picking out a new phone


Jan 26, 2016
The time has come to replace my 3 year old Xperia J. Before i started searching for a new phone to get, i really didnt see the difference in these new smartphones. They were all the same to me.
After a bit of research i became fixated on the hardware power like the processor and RAM.
Now, since im on a budget, the newest models are out of the question. Currently im looking at the LG G4. i saw some benchmarks and demos, and the phone looks to be running games and other apps really nicely, and pretty fast. Even keeping up with the G5.
But i dont want to tunnel vision myself into buying the thing and regret it later.
Since i feel like games put the most stress on phones nowadays, i figured this was the section to post this in.
Android OS is a must!
Does anyone have suggestions on which company and models i should check out?
As i said, im already looking at the LG G4 but there are so many options that im kind of intimidated at the moment. Im just asking for someone to guide me in the right direction.


May 15, 2016
The LG G4 is pretty solid from what I've seen. In my opinion, stay away from Samsung. Their devices deteriorate fast (especially the battery) . Not to mention they load them up with useless applications that you can't delete so that's annoying to me.

I've been more impressed with HTC lately. Their newest phones have been pretty solid the past couple of years.
Im not sure on their latest models, but from what I've seen they are sturdy. However, get a phone that had a metal casing; these are usually the most durable. Ones with metal casings usually have better hardware inside and aren't made with many cheap parts.

If your provider has Nokia smart phones, those things are amazing! However, I believe they have windows OS and not android.

The G4 is still a very solid choice, but all up to you in the end!


Jun 11, 2016
I had a G3, and I now have a G5. Both superb phones, the only complaint I've ever had was a driver issue with the G5 and aux cables, but LG released an update that fixed that. Can't go wrong with the G series!
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