Question Help with Roku Smart Soundbar, Tivo Premiere, Blu Ray player & TV with only 1 HDMI input

Dec 26, 2020
Hello :) I would appreciate any help you guys can give me. This is kind of an odd mix of items I’m trying to connect:

1. Sony Bravia KDL V32XBR2 TV - this has an optical audio out, only 1 HDMI port that is non-ARC

2. Roku Smart Soundbar - optical audio in, HDMI out (ARC), Usb port

3. Tivo Premiere Series 4 - the HDMI port does not work, so this is connected to TV via HD component audio & video cables

4. Samsung Blu Ray player

This is my parents’ set up, so replacing the tv or tivo is not feasible at this time.

It is the soundbar that I am adding to a working setup. Because the TV only had one HDMI input, I have an HDMI switch (Monoprice HDX 301) that I use to access the blu ray. I connected the optical audio out from the tv to the soundbar. I connected the HDMI from the soundbar to one of the switch inputs, and the output HDMI from the switch goes to the TV’s single HDMI input.

Video works fine for Roku (apps), Tivo, and Blu ray.

I actually have two (maybe related, maybe not) audio problems:

1. First, when watching the Tivo, with this set up there is no audio (this is using the tv input for the HD component connection). If I connect the optical out on the Tivo to the soundbar the audio works. I have the Tivo set to PCM. I turned the speakers on the TV off and changed audio out to Fixed. Still no audio.

2. Also no audio when using the blu ray player. The blu ray and Roku soundbar when used for streaming both use the same input, but the sound only works when streaming from the Roku.

The TV speakers when turned on play audio normally. It is only an issue getting audio to the soundbar from the Tivo and blu ray.

I did do a hard reboot of the Tivo.

I’m not sure why it’s any different when the blu ray or Tivo is being used instead of the streaming soundbar box, but there is obviously something I’m missing. Possibly for the blu ray I need an HDMI switch like this one instead?

But that wouldn’t solve the Tivo problem...

Anyone have any ideas for me?

Do I need to use an optical splitter like this?

Obviously not an ideal solution, but for now I need to make the current boxes work instead of replacing them.

Thank you for your help!
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